Research & Innovation

Exploring the Best and Most Advanced Ways to Treat and Prevent Disease

Sheba Medical Center is world-renowned as a scientific-medical research powerhouse.

For decades, Sheba’s physicians have been studying illnesses and evaluating procedures, constantly looking for new ways to innovate. In almost every building of Sheba, there are entire floors filled with laboratories dedicated to the most cutting-edge research. Sheba delivers not only cures and treatments, but also groundbreaking ways to proactively prevent diseases.

Sheba Medical Center is also unique in that the researchers are also the practitioners. These doctors, who are well-versed in the facility’s latest medical advances, are also the ones who interact with patients directly and understand every aspect of patient care.

Through its groundbreaking research, Sheba is truly revolutionizing every aspect of global medicine.

"Research is inseparable from treatment of the patients; it’s a building block, since you cannot find a cure without a deep understanding what the disease is made of, its origins and why it becomes resistant to drugs. "

Dr. Talia Golan