Director General, Professor Yitshak Kreiss MD, MHA, MPA Brig. General (RES)

Professor Yitshak Kreiss is internationally respected for his leadership acumen, vision and unwavering determination to usher the innovative spirit of Sheba Medical Center into the future.

With an eye toward achieving the highest standards of personalized and compassionate medical care, managing an elite team of Israel’s top physicians, and pioneering cutting-edge research, Kreiss and the Sheba leadership team are saving lives in Israel and around the world.

Professor Yitshak Kreiss has been Director General of Sheba Medical Center since 2016.

For three decades, Prof. Kreiss served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) where he ascended from serving as a front-line combat surgeon, through all levels of command, before assuming overall leadership of the Medical Corps as the IDF Surgeon General.

Prof. Kreiss has treated victims in conflicts, wars and disaster situations across the globe, receiving various awards for his outstanding contributions to world medical efforts.

He has led and served as the executive authority in many emergency scenarios and humanitarian missions, including: setting up a field hospital for Kosovo refugees in Macedonia; conducting a rescue mission for victims of a major terrorist attack in Egypt; heading the Israeli field hospital for earthquake victims in Haiti; overseeing humanitarian medical operations for victims of the Syrian civil war; and leading the humanitarian medical mission for typhoon victims in the Philippines.

Prof. Kreiss has also displayed dedication to teaching, contributing to academic publications and the progressive leadership of international medical associations. His research in leadership and health management is based on his humanitarian operations experience and has focused upon: health management of field hospitals; leadership and ethics; and disaster medical care.

His landmark research has helped develop current natural disaster medical relief concepts and approaches, making him a widely acknowledged global expert on the subject.

Prof. Kreiss was awarded his Doctorate of Medicine from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and completed his Internal Medicine residency training at Sheba Medical Center. He also holds a Master of Health Administration degree from the Business School at Tel Aviv University and a Master of Public Administration degree from Harvard University.

He is an associate professor of medicine at Tel Aviv University and adjunct associate professor at the Hebrew University School of Medicine.