Stories of Hope

Hope is the story of Israel – hatikvah.

And hope is the story of Sheba Medical Center.

Read below for some examples of how our medical experts have reignited the spark of hope in our patients.

Sheba brings people out of the darkness and into the light. 

James was blind for five years – until a team of medical experts on a humanitarian mission from Sheba Medical Center gave him back his sight. The team’s cataract eye surgeries restored vision to many villagers in Papua New Guinea, allowing them to see the beauty of life once again.

A young Israeli boxing champion and IDF special forces warrior Ofek Klugman died tragically in a motorcycle accident.

His grieving family donated his body to medicine and saved five lives of patients across Israel, including the 65-year-old man who received his heart at Sheba Medical Center.

A premature baby born in Iraqi Kurdistan opens his eyes for the first time at Sheba.

Darian, a baby to a Kurdish family living in the turmoil of a war-torn country, was born at only 33 weeks with severe health issues – unable to breathe or even open his eyes. He received life-saving treatments from Sheba Medical Center. Darian is one of hundreds of Kurdish children that have come to Sheba for treatment as violence limits access to qualified doctors in Kurdistan.

Critically wounded by a sniper in the Gaza strip, Ran Ben Atia is lucky to be alive.

Doctors in the field said he had half an hour to live. He was immediately transported to Sheba Medical Center and hospitalized for four months, undergoing numerous surgeries, and worked through his rehabilitation for two years. This inspiring young man thrives today, beating the odds to achieve his dream of participating in his first Ironman Triathalon.

This 10-year-old patient can’t be identified, or her life would be in danger.

While playing in her home in Syria, a 10-year-old child was severely injured by a bomb. She was rushed to Sheba Medical Center, where doctors saved her life. Despite the complexity of her injuries, she is making steady, positive progress.


Muhi is an 8-year-old Palestinian boy who has grown up at Sheba Medical Center.

As a newborn baby with a congenital disease, which could be fatal without the proper care, Muhi had no prospects for survival in the Gaza Strip. Muhi traveled to Sheba Medical Center for an urgent procedure that required doctors to amputate Muhi’s lower arms and legs to save his life. Over the last eight years, Muhi’s grandfather has stayed by his side while Muhi’s parents remain in Gaza with their other children.


When it comes to saving children’s lives, this surgeon knows no borders.

When a Syrian infant is flown into Israel for emergency medical care, Sheba’s pediatric surgeons immediately performed a life-saving operation. Despite the constant threat of violence from Israel’s neighboring countries and territories, Sheba’s doctors are on a mission to treat as many children in these underserved areas as possible.


When he was only 18 years old, Aviad Ohayon’s Yeshiva was attacked by a terrorist.

Aviad nearly died and was left completely paralyzed. At Sheba Medical Center, he was rehabilitated and relearned how to use his entire body.