Sheba’s Fight Against Coronavirus

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Relentless Focus and Undeterred Innovation: Sheba is turning obstacles into opportunities during the second wave of COVID-19.

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Sheba partners with National Institutes of Health to study and combat the coronavirus

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Becker’s Healthcare releases informative podcast with Yoel Har-Even

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Webinar #1: Briefing on COVID-19
Webinar #2: Briefing for Doctors & Health Professionals
Webinar #3: Food, Dieting & Intimacy in the Age of Corona
Webinar #4: ARC Battles COVID-19 with Technology
Webinar #5: Sheba Fights COVID-19
Webinar #6: Three women on the frontlines in the battle against COVID-19 at Sheba
Florida Webinar: Medical Insiders’ Insight Into COVID-19



Live From Technion: Webinars with Technion Experts featuring Dr. Eyal Zimlichman

The Israeli Advantage in Conquering COVID-19: Technion Alumnus Leads Innovative Approaches with Dr. Eyal Zimlichman

Sheba Tytocare & Datos: Home Hospitalization Kit from Sheba Medical Center

Learn about this important kit that comes directly from Sheba to the patient with instructions on how to check their vitals.

Wonder Woman, Israeli actress Gal Gadot,

thanks Sheba Medical Center’s courageous and devoted medical professionals for their heroic frontline response to the COVID-19 pandemic in this short video tribute. Please watch this very short heartfelt video from Gal Gadot.

Jason Alexander says it best!

Sheba Medical Center in Israel is our hope for a pathway out of the coronavirus pandemic. Sheba is playing a vital role in getting us all over the finish line, and to return to our normal lives. Please watch this very short heartfelt video from Jason Alexander.


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