Explore Sheba

Today, Sheba has grown into the largest and most comprehensive medical center in the entire Middle East.

Sheba Medical Center is the epicenter of innovation in Israeli medicine. Beyond treating patients, Sheba provides a complete continuum of personalized care focused on prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, all in one campus.

The hospital opens its doors to all patients regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, nationality or identity. And just as Israel provides groundbreaking solutions to problems worldwide, the revolutionary advances developed at Sheba are exported across the globe.

To this day, Sheba Medical Center, Tel HaShomer continues to fulfill its original purpose as the national center for treatment and rehabilitation of Israeli soldiers, employing the most sophisticated technology. From its humble beginning, Sheba has emerged as a trailblazing global leader in medicine.


As Israel’s national hospital, it treats 20% of the population every year on its 200-acre campus. A leader in global medicine, Sheba’s size, scope and depth of expertise are unprecedented.