Spirit of Innovation Marks Israel’s War Against the Coronavirus

Hospitals teamed with the high-tech sector and the military to pioneer telemedicine, robotics and screening.

Staff members at the Galilee Medical Center, a teaching hospital in Nahariya serving the western Galillee, monitor patient data at one of the center’s command-and-control posts. Roni Albert for the Galilee Medical Center, Nahariya

As soon as they learned of Covid-19 and the dangers it posed to Israel as well as the rest of the world, top staff members at Sheba Medical Center faced a key question related to their mission.

The medical center already knew it would need “every doctor we can get and every nurse we can get” to fight the novel coronavirus, Dr. Eyal Zimlichman, its chief medical and chief innovation officer, told The Jewish Week. “But what about innovation staff, data scientists and engineers? How essential are they?